Thursday, December 30, 2010

Diana Kerekes starts to make a dream a reality

My name is Diana Kerekes. I have been a "burnt out " nurse for over 26 yrs. I have wanted to start a home based business and work from home w for many years.I couldn't find the one I wanted to do to replace my nursing career.I knew I needed to do something but what... What would I be good at . All I knew was nursing. I took a long look at where my life was going.  I decided after seeing my patients and how their lives turned out I knew the time was NOW. I said to myself that "life is too short" and I had to do this now. Timing is everything.

So what did I do to get to where I want to go. I examined my surrounds and did a full examination of what my options were. Either I sat by and let things happen to me or I take a stand. I chose to do just that ..take a stand to improve my quality of life by helping others.I needed to take action. I knew that if I didn't change something now and lay down the foundation it would be too late.

With the help of my mentors and family I soon became the person I wanted to be. I wanted to be a leader, a woman who can have a tough business side with the soft side of helping others. I choose to make a difference. I choose to take my passions and dreams and started a fire that no one could smolder. I decided this was my chance in life to grab a hold of the riches life had to offer while making sure I did not forget my roots and were I came from and where I want to be.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Be a leader... The time is NOW

A leader is someone who will stand up and make a difference. A leader is someone who believes in themselves. A leader never quits no matter how hard it gets. A leader is you.You can make a difference.

Yes, you can be a leader. It doesn't matter who you are, your gender,nationality or creed.You have a gift . A gift to share with others.  What you need to do is take action and change you life. You can do it ! There were people in history who became leaders ...why not you. Be a part of history... Why not... the only person stopping you is you.A leader is a person who doesn't take naysayers seriously. There has been many men and women who decided a change was needed and it started with them.

A person needs to be true to themselves. Follow your dream .It belongs to you.You have a vision inside of you.. RELEASE IT!! EMBRACE IT and LIVE IT!!

I will assist you on your journey to be a true  leader ...all you have to do is ask.There are so many models of leadership past and present. Take a look at history who was your favorite leader ? There were both men and woman who were leaders. Did they let anyone stop them ..NO. So what is stopping you ?

I never thought I could be a successful businesswoman or radio show host on blog talk radio until I started to believe in..ME. I knew I would make a difference and I have. Trust me nothing or no one will take my vision away from me.I will not allow it. Don't let anyone take your dreams away from you. You never know who's life you are going to touch. Go out there and start your journey to your destiny. The first step begins with you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Diana Kerekes became a Nurse

I have been a nurse for 26 yrs. Why did I become a nurse ? I decided to became a nurse since I was 6 yrs old .I saw a series on the the TV called Julia.I was awed by her. She portrayed a woman who had class . Dianne Carroll is best known for her title role in the 1968 show Julia in 1968.She was a nurse I truly admired her role and character.She was a great nurse. I respect how she portrayed a real nurse.

I can honestly say that she was a pioneer for how nurses should be seen . The problem with her wholesome ways was that it was short lived. We now have nurses portrayed as for a lack of a better word "ladies of the evening " to be politically correct but not morally correct.What an atrocity to the nursing profession.

How dare they show nurses as nothing more then common hookers ?  We are a respected profession that saves lives. We are there when patients are critically ill when they are dying and when they are struggling to survive. We are there when patients are born and when they die. I will continue to fight for the respect and dignity I deserve as a nurse who has been there for my patients to help on what ever journey destiny had determined for them.

As a seasoned nurse I have seen how the nursing profession has changed. From the time nurses would stand when a doctor came to the floor or unit until the time that nurses were recognized for the important contribution they gave to the medical team. Nurse are crucial in the well being of the patient. Their jobs should not be taken so lightly. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why ask Diana Kerekes ?

Diana Kerekes who is she ? Diana Kerekes has come along way on the internet. I started my debut on the internet 5 yrs ago. I was a  RN who thought a internet business consisted of just putting up a website getting a domain name and there you have it .An overnight success...Well the surprise was on me .Little did I know the painstaking time it took to be successful.You need to know a home based business is not just like a real business it is.

I remember the old  cigarette commercial that said  "You have come a long way baby". I am a business owner who is involved in many projects related to giving back to the community.I love helping others. It feels great to be a part of changing people's lives.

I get a kick out of Spammers and Scammers I know how to smell  them a mile a way.They come in all different shapes and sizes. They love to hear themselves talk. They are an interesting bunch. See,the importance of making friends and creating a relationship is once you get to know someone you really grt to know them.   I also learned  how to brand myself.I learned you need to be you and portray the real you. People are watching you trust me. You need to take your business very serious if you want others to do the same.  I have learned a lot on my own .Taking the time to learn. You need to invest in you. You are a very important person. Believe in yourself.  Determination is one of  the key to success.

My advice on the internet is this... to people just starting a business:
  1. Research your business.Do your due diligence.
  2. Make sure this is your passion.You need to really like what you are doing.
  3. Remember there is "no get rich quick deals". If it sounds too good It probably is.
  4. Ask for help.Don't be afraid to ask. Everyone was new once.
  5. Socialize build relationships but don't be a salesman.People don't like to be sold. They like to buy but not be sold.
  6. Be yourself. Be true to yourself. It is your business. It is your life. 
  7. Have fun. Really have fun.